Samantha’s Story

Sam Website 2When Samantha and her mother, Kathy, began the transition planning process from high school to adult life, they focused on applying to colleges and continuing her involvement in the performing arts. Samantha, a young woman with a mild intellectual disability and Autism, has excelled academically and artistically since she was a child; she is passionate about learning and has been taking hip-hop, modern, jazz, and tap dance routines at her local dance studio for over 12 years. This passion led Samantha’s teachers and peers to nominate her for an outstanding achievement award, which she received at The Union League in Center City, Philadelphia. This great achievement means a lot not only to Samantha, but also to her family.

As the date of her high school graduation approached, Samantha applied and was accepted to The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). Even though she had to take the placement test four times, due to her struggle with comprehension, she never gave up.  Samantha shined during her time at CCP, receiving A’s and B’s in all of her courses. In fact, after receiving straight A’s in her last semester, Samantha was recognized by Dr. Samuel Hirsh, Vice President of The Community College of Philadelphia, for her achievements.

After completing her courses at CCP, Samantha will be applying to Eastern University’s College Success Program for students with Autism.  As Samantha prepares to leave home and attend a four-year college full-time, she’s excited about all of the opportunities that the future holds. She’s now exploring potential majors and preparing to audition for the Eastern University dance team. While she’s nervous about living on her own for the first time, she knows that her family, and Supports Coordinator will always be there for her.

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