May 2016 Advisory Committee Minutes

Quality Progressions
1339 Chestnut Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 267-765-2000   I   Fax: 267-765-2017

I: Welcome and Agency Overview: Susan Fellows, FDSS/Resource Supervisor

Susan welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending. Unfortunately, today’s guest speaker was unable to make it; we hope that they will be able to attend the June 2016 meeting. We will update everyone if that should change.   She also indicated that Quality Progressions has reached out to Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care’s  Director of Nursing, Patti Graves to join us for either the June or September Meeting to reprise the presentation on End of Life Planning at the Building Bridges Conference that she will be giving later this month.  If confirmed prior to the next meeting, Susan invited people to attend and bring other friends and family members to be part of this very important discussion.

Attendees were asked to share a personal update so that the group could get to know one another better. Members of the committee shared news about their loved ones starting new jobs, going to the movie theater, planning vacations, and progress on improving their overall health.

II. FDSS Program Status Report – 01/08/2016: Susan Fellows, FDSS/Resource Supervisor

Susan Fellows reviewed the current status of the FDSS Program.  This included reduced use of emergency funds from the $45,000 that was originally projected.  Because this allocation must be spent or the remainder returned by the end of the year, we are in the process of granting additions those consumer/families who have filed a request for increased allocations.  Applications for the next fiscal year will be mailed out to all eligible consumers by the end of May. There has been some good news since the last meeting.  The budget was increased $31,697 for this year to reimburse the fund for $9762 for one time emergencies earlier this year.

Revised Total Budget:                                             $442,909.00
Allocated To Date:                                                   $419,364
Number of Consumers                                             597
Current Waiting List:                                                $3,000 for 3 consumers
Emergencies Funded:                                             $18,172 (for 12 consumers)
Emergencies Pending:                                             $14,650 (for 2 consumers)
Request for Additional Funds:                                  $24,528 (by 131 consumers)

II: Agency Update: Alyssa Ryan, Director of Communications

Since our April meeting, three new staff members have joined Quality Progressions:

  • Kristen McPherson – Consolidated SC, reporting to Justine Johnson
  • Mina Mikhail – Consolidated SC, reporting to Alycia Rollins
  • Diana M. Hessek – Consolidated SC, reporting to Melissa Blazina

We currently have three SC openings in our Philadelphia Office and none in our Bethlehem Office. Marteha Stewart, our HR Coordinator, already has a number of interviews lined up and prospects for these positions.

Alyssa also provided attendees with a listing of upcoming outreach events that Quality Progressions would be attending, including the Parent Coalition Special Needs Resource Fair on 5/7 and the Best Buddies Friendship Walk in Ardmore on 5/15. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the events; individuals who are interested in participating were asked to contact Alyssa directly at or 267-592-4740.

III: Advisory Committee Marketing Push: Alyssa Ryan, Director of Communications

With the fiscal year coming to an end, Quality Progressions is beginning to roll out new marketing material. A new addition to our marketing collateral will be an Advisory Committee post card, which will include all meeting dates for fiscal year 2017. Alyssa is aiming to have this piece of marketing material designed and printed by mid- June 2016.

She asked the group for feedback as to what they’d like included on the postcard. The following feedback was obtained:

  • Use “You’re invited” on the cover.
  • Include photos of the group, possibly from a previous meeting or arrange to take photos at the June meeting (Alyssa used photos from previous meetings).
  • Send postcards out to a sampling of individuals supported by QP and give some to Advisory Committee members so that they can hand them out to friends.

Other non-postcard related items discussed during this portion of the meeting:

  • Potentially having a meeting in the evening so that more individuals and/or families could attend. If an evening meeting wouldn’t work, potentially have a meeting on a weekend. This could happen once or twice a year to generate more interest.
  • Look into hosting off-site Advisory Committee meetings in different parts of the community that may be more accessible to others.

IV: Next Month’s Meeting:

Special Note:  We are happy to confirm that Patti Graves has been in touch and that she will be able to attend the June meeting and give the presentation on End of Life Planning.  Everyone is welcome but, please let us know in advance that you will be with us.  Call Susan Fellows at 267-765-2009 or send an e-mail to

The Advisory Committee will meet again on June 02, 2016 from 10:30AM-12:00PM.

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