Lauren Pringle Honored by the Alliance

QP Team Website (L-R: Holly Rizzo, Senior Program Manager; Adrienne Hill, Program Director; Jordan Maisch, Supervisor; Lauren Pringle, Supports Coordinator; Daisy Christie, Unit Manager; and Joel Goldberg, Founder & CEO)

Quality Progressions is very proud to announce that Lauren Pringle, a Consolidated Supports Coordinator with the organization for over 2 year, received the Philadelphia Alliance of Community Service Providers’ 2016 Embracing Diversity Award. Each year, during their annual conference, the Alliance presents four outstanding human service professionals with awards. This award ceremony is very competitive, as there are approximately 500 members of the Alliance. In total, Quality Progressions nominated seven individuals for awards this year:

  • Joe Cotter – Positive Impact Award
  • Johnny Cartagena – Positive Impact Award
  • Judy Furjanic – Team Spirit Award
  • Kathryn Ellis – Leadership Award
  • Lauren Pringle – Embracing Diversity (winner)
  • Lekha Pillai – Leadership Award
  • Matt Cliver – Positive Impact Award
  • Sarah Blake – Team Spirit Award

Please join us in congratulating all of Quality Progressions’ 2016 Alliance award nominees!

Lauren Pringle’s Nomination Story
Group Website

(L-R: Jordan Maisch, Supervisor; Lauren Pringle, Supports Coordinator; and Daisy Christie; Unit Manager)

Lauren was nominated by her Supervisor, Jordan Maisch, for her commitment to promoting inclusion and equality for the individuals she supports. Lauren recognizes and appreciates the unique characteristics and backgrounds of all individuals, and has dedicated her life to helping others live their truth.

For most people – including individuals with intellectual disabilities – being able to live independently, freely express themselves, and maintain relationships is an essential part of their everyday life. Having someone doubt your decisions and begin making lifestyle changes for you without your involvement is something that many of us could never imagine happening. Unfortunately, consumers, like Christopher, face this scenario often and rely on their SC to advocate for their wants and needs. Christopher is an older gentleman with a moderate intellectual disability and behavioral challenges who previously resided in Pennhurst. He is a very kind, hardworking, and generous man who values his independence tremendously. When Christopher’s ideal ‘everyday life’ was threatened, Lauren stepped in and made sure that he was not excluded from any conversation or decision making.

Christopher prefers to live as independently as possible and greatly dislikes sharing his personal space with others. He lives an alternative lifestyle and enjoys the freedom that living on his own provides. With 1:1 support from familiar staff during the day, Christopher feels comfortable being himself at home, which motivates him to be a better employee, brother, and friend. When Christopher moved into a home with two roommates, Lauren and members of his team were concerned that this would not be an appropriate living situation. Shortly after moving into the home, Christopher became frustrated by his lack of privacy. There were often numerous staff members in the home working with his roommates, many of which Christopher did not know and made him feel uncomfortable. Additionally, one of Christopher’s roommates would often go into his bedroom unannounced and take clothing and move his belongings. This really upset him, and caused him to exhibit challenging behaviors, such as obtaining dangerous objects, having social withdrawal, and being aggressive towards others. Lauren and Christopher’s team were very concerned and believed that he was at risk for a serious crisis if his living situation did not change immediately.

With support from her Supervisor and Unit Manager, Lauren began sending out referrals for new residential providers, working tirelessly to find an appropriate one person home for Christopher that was close to his job. Lauren made sure to include Christopher throughout the entire referral process, setting up coffee meetings with potential staff members, having him tour and stay over multiple homes, and making sure that everyone on his team supported his decisions. Within two months of starting the referral process, Christopher moved into a new home.

Since moving three months ago, Christopher is happier than ever. He has begun exercising more frequently, has gotten more involved in his community, and, most importantly, has not exhibited any behaviors. By living on his own, Christopher is able to fully be himself. Now, Christopher can wear and do what he wants without fear of ridicule or embarrassment, which has changed his life for the best. Undoubtedly, this change would not have been possible without Lauren’s hard work and sensitivity to his needs.

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