April 2016 Advisory Committee Minutes

Quality Progressions
1339 Chestnut Street, stomach Suite 700
Philadelphia, purchase PA 19107
Phone: 267-765-2000   I   Fax: 267-765-2017

I: Welcome and Agency Overview: Alyssa Ryan, tadalafil Director of Communications

Since there were a number of new attendees, meeting began with introductions and sharing what they’re most looking forward to this month. Members of the committee shared that they were excited for Villanova to win the NCAA championship, for upcoming educational events, attending the theater, and for life itself.

Following introductions, Alyssa Ryan, Director of Communications, gave an agency status report. Alyssa reported that four staff members were hired as Supports Coordinators and began working since the March meeting: Tene Scott, Base SC on Jordan Maisch’s team; Heather Jankowitsch, Consolidated SC on Beth Pinero’s team; Faith Yeager,  Base SC on Kristy Fogle’s team; and Whitney Thompson, Consolidated SC on Tom De Angelo’s team. Additionally, Zurnita Madjidji, an SC who has been with Quality Progressions since 2014, changed roles, and is now a floater SC and administrative assistant. There are currently 3 Supports Coordinator openings, which will all be filled by April 16th.

Alyssa also updated the group on the many award nominations that Quality Progressions has submitted and were awarded for staff, community members, and individuals the organization supports:

  1. My City, My Place and Brighter Futures Awards – hosted by Philadelphia DBHIDS
    1. Victor Croes & The Mangano Family – were nominated by the Mangano’s SC, Magdaline Biawogei, for the 2016 Emotional Achievement Award.
      1. One of three nominations submitted by Quality Progressions
    2. Celebrations Awards – hosted by The Arc of Lehigh and Northampton Counties
      1. Northampton County:
        1. Nancy – nominated by her SC, Kim Tracy, for the Employment Award
        2. Rebecca – nominated by her SC, Laura Stauffer, for the Citizenship AwardAmanda – nominated by her SC, Kim Tracy, for the Personal Achievement Award
  1. Lehigh County:
    1. Ashley – nominated by her SC, Dana Ortiz, for the Education Award
    2. Jodi – nominated by her SC, Sandy Hall-Brown, for the Employment Award
    3. Andy – nominated by his SC, Desiree Yeager, for the Vocational Award
  • In total, 13 nominations were submitted by Quality Progressions, 6 being awarded
  1. MAX Association’s Service Excellence Awards
    1. Stephen Starr, an SC with Quality Progressions for over 10 years, nominated by his Supervisor, Emily Langan
    2. Magdaline Biawogei, an SC with Quality Progressions for over 1 year, nominated by her Supervisor, Tom De Angelo, and Unit Manager, Jessica Wagaman
  2. The Alliance of Direct Service Professionals (Alliance)
    1. Lauren Pringle, an SC with Quality Progressions for over 1 year, nominated by her Supervisor, Jordan Maisc
      • One of 8 nominations submitted by Quality Progressions

II. Audit Update: Joel Goldberg, CEO

Recently, Quality Progressions underwent an internal audit by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). This audit, which occurs annually, entails a review of ISPs and Service Notes from a sample of individuals the organization services, staff trainings, and the organization’s protocols, among other things. Joel reported that Quality Progressions did extremely well during the audit and was told by auditors that the organization is the second largest Supports Coordination Organization (SCO) in the State. One attendee asked Joel how the organization prepares for the audit, to which Joel shared the meeting schedule that upper management holds during this time. In the months leading up to the audit, after the State has shared the organization’s sample size, Joel and the management team meet once a week to go over files and review information. Leading up to the audit these meetings increase to twice a week so that everyone is prepared.

III. FDSS Program Status Report – 01/08/2016: Susan Fellows, FDSS/Resource Supervisor

Revised Total Budget:                                             $442,909.00
Allocated To Date:                                                   $359,067.00
Number of Consumers                                             532
Current Waiting List:                                                $0
Emergencies Funded:                                             $17,172 (for 12 consumers)
Emergencies Pending:                                             $33,000.00 (for 12 consumers)
Request for Additional Funds:                                  $23,403 (by 127 consumers)


IV: Philadelphia Parent Support Group: Carol Costello, Vision for Equality

Today’s meeting primarily centered on learning about the Philadelphia Parent Support Group (PPSG) network and how family members can get involved and become stronger advocates for their loved ones. Carol Costello, a representative from the Philadelphia Parent Support Group network and employee at Vision for Equality, lead the discussion. She shared print outs with the audience regarding the makeup of the group, what their mission is, and the diversity of the events they put together.

The PPSG network consists of groups in each section of Philadelphia that meet monthly. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings and, if they’d like, to attend meetings with multiple chapters of the network. Previous meetings and events coordinated by the group have included guest speakers: Dr. Arthur Evans, Commissioner of DBHIDS; Joel Smith, a consultant from KenCrest; and representatives from the Philadelphia Corporation on Aging (PCA), among others.

Throughout the year the group also coordinates special events focused on advocacy. During the 2015 election season they hosted a Philadelphia Mayoral Forum, in which candidates running for Mayor had the opportunity to share their opinions regarding disability services and to answer questions from the audience. The event was incredibly successfully.

In addition to monthly meetings and special events, the PPSG strives to provide training opportunities and specific individual support for members. Through sharing personal experiences, members learn how to best support their loved one and themselves.

V: Looking Forward & Next Meeting: Susan Fellows, FDSS/Resource Supervisor

Susan Fellows informed the group about a conference that took place in Harrisburg where Patty Graves  of Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care is making a presentation on end of life planning. Given our recent topics regarding wills and estate planning, she asked the group if bringing Patty in would be something they’re interested in. The group agreed that this would be a good topic to discuss and asked Susan to get in touch with Patty. Susan is going to attempt to schedule her for the June meeting and will update everyone when more is established.

The Advisory Committee will meet again on May 02, 2016 from 10:30AM-12:00PM.

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