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Lifesharing Helps Onyx Transform Her Life

Lifesharing is a residential option that enhances personal growth and increases community connections for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Individuals live with “Lifesharers” who open their homes and hearts to a person with intellectual disabilities. Onyx, a young woman who Quality Progressions supports, began living with Jackie through Lifesharing in 2013. Click on Onyx’s photo to read her […]

Four Staff Promoted to Supervisor or Manager Positions

We’re very proud to announce that four staff members – Melissa Blazina, Molly Rindock, Amy Silveri, and Keith Zielinski – have been promoted!

PA Budget Deficit Threatens Waiver Initiative Funding

With current State revenues projecting a deficit, Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget is being cut. It is important that individuals and organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities contact their local representatives and encourage them to keep funding for the Waiver Initiative in the budget. Individuals with intellectual disabilities need your support.

Entrepreneur, Employee, Everyday Person

George has been a part of the Quality Progressions family for many years now and, with support from hard working SC’s and job coaches, has successfully maintained a part-time job for three years. He also owns a successful leather etching business and is an active member in Philadelphia’s creative community.

Mission Statement

Quality Progressions' mission is to be people-driven, committed, and progressive in our relationship to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

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